Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Solaris - L'espoir Acoustique

English is a beautiful language, make no mistake about that... but it pales terribly in comparison with the linguistic beauty of l'francais, and this song is hard evidence of that. Malheureusement, however, very little is known about the band itself, but we do know that Solaris' hometown is Paris, France (what a surprise) they've been touring France (really, now), and they just released a brand new album last Avril - that's April, to the non-French speaking demographic. The surprises never end.

Even though they're pretty tight-lipped about the bandmembers' identities, here's what a few digs around the 'net produced:
Solaris is:
JB (vocals and guitar),
Lionel (bass),
Mathieu (guitar solo),
Aurelien (keyboard)

Their influences include Louise Attacks, Noir Desire, Jacques Brel, M, Serge Gainsbourg, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. According to them, they sound like Louise Attacks, Noir Desire, MUSE, The Beatles, Oasis, and Raphael.

Technically speaking, their music needs no explanation, but in case you can't make out the English from the French subtitles, there's a little translation jobbie below. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of "The Hope" in acoustic.

The Hope

You know if the life separates us
Say that one will be re-examined
In one century or randomly
For that time does not have a law
I will play on my guitar
To fly away to you

I will whisper your name
With the ear of the winds
I know that they will find you
Then for a moment
I will be there
I will be there
With you…

The hope never should be lost
It is all that it us remains now
Let us keep a place in our reports
Through the paddle and laying down it
If you hear this guitar
I will have come finally

I will have whispered your name
In the air and the currents
I know that they will find you
Then for a moment
I will be there
I will be there
With you…

One has that to sing this song
To put our hearts at unison
To renovate a moment just
And to remember good old days
When you were there
When you were there
With me…

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