Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Esmee Denters

Well, today we're taking a break from the usual self-written, self-recorded songs to feature Esmee Denters. Maybe you've heard of her already. In fact, it'd be difficult not to if you've been on YouTube at all during the past few weeks. Her "What Goes Around...Comes Around" cover has graced the front page of YouTube for a little while now and boasts over 2.5 million views. Usually we're not interested in covers, as you know, but our curiosity was piqued when we saw the video, so we naturally chequed it out.

At first we thought it was just Esmee singing in a studio... big deal, right? Until we saw Justin himself at the very end. It takes guts to sing Justin's own song right in front of him while he's sitting in the very same studio with you.

Then, we checked out her fan site,, where we found out she's signed a record deal with Justin's new company, Tennman Records. This girl from the Netherlands is really going places. Literally. She's opening for Justin Timberlake during his Europe tour. Not bad for someone who started out posting covers on YouTube. So root for Esmee and check out some of her best cover efforts below.

What Goes Around...Comes Around (you know who)

Too Little Too Late (JoJo)

Irreplaceable (Beyonce)

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