Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Motion Sick - 30 Lives

From the New England band that brought you "Satellite" a few months ago comes another indie music video, "30 Lives." Both catchy and entertaining, the song and its video are more professionally produced than some of their more popular contemporaries - I won't name names. While likely reminiscent of high school days, it's somewhat of a learning video as well -- don't eat the purplish gobbledygook that comes from the school cafeteria, and be extra careful when balancing atop the bleachers at your high school team's football game.

If you weren't at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica, MA to see them play their last venue, not to worry. They've got another show coming up February 26. The rub? It's at an "undisclosed location." Oh well. Check their show itinerary list for upcoming events when they publish the name of their next gig! For now, just enjoy watching "30 Lives."

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