Friday, January 4, 2008

Homemade Music Videos - A Year in Retrospekt

Let's just follow the trend and do a recap of all the great songs, artists, and videos from the past year like every other indie blog is doing at the moment. Hey, they've got a good thing going.

Most Commented Song of 2007: "Hero" by Alex Lloyd

The most commented, and perhaps most controversial, song of 2007 was written and sung by Alex Lloyd. Straight from the United Kingdom, he penned a song about a hero who couldn't fly - an obvious reference to himself. However dissed or loved it was, readers and I came to the conclusion (after a big fight and an apology) that this is one of the best songs in indie history.

Most Loved Artist of 2007: The Revs

The Revs made it to number one for most-loved artist of 2007. With four hits, including "Broken", "Death of a DJ", "You Shine", and "Wired to the Moon", they scored it out with the most posts.

My Favorite Band of 2007: Nu-Matix

Straight from the islands of Germany, Manuel DeMann, Tim, Haye, and Antimo rocked the blog with "Set Me Free" and "Down." Current activities are under wraps, but in the meantime, check out the post from their US debut, or check out their site.

Bummed that you can't have video on demand when you want it? Well you can! Check out the step by step instructions for downloading your top vids here

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