Friday, October 12, 2007

The Motion Sick - Satellite

Self-described as a mix of Rilo Kiley, The Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, and Violent Femmes, The Motion Sick proves there's yet another band from Boston that's not "just another band outta Boston." Their hit song, "Satellite" from their debut album Her Brilliant Fifteen, hit #7 in the top ten on Indiependence, and caught the attention of Spin magazine just a short while back.

So how'd they get their name? Apparently in the 1900's, stowaways on a ship were called "the motion sick." You can figure it out from there. No word yet as to the possibility of their participating in tea-dumping parties.

Check out the animated vid of "Satellite" and prepare to be launched. It's not exactly Rilo Kiley's "Moneymaker," but more like Arcade Fire's "Wake Up." Sorta.

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It's not as "Homemade," but check out our new video for "30 Lives" if you'd like: