Friday, October 19, 2007

Sacha Sacket, the Iranian (Song) Leader

It's not every day you find an Iranian artist on airwaves, and when you do, you're not likely to listen. Leaving behind me the usual Iranian cliches (seeing as he is half-British), I reluctantly YouTubed Sacha Sacket and was... pleasantly surprised. He's self-described himself as a cross between Snow Patrol and Damien Rice with a plunge of Coldplay, but he sounds more like Howie Day, IMHO. But then, what do you get from a guy who likes everything from Frank Sinatra to RATM?

Three ladies accompany Sacha in his musical endeavors - Jennifer Trani on guitar, Anna Marie Rosales on the bass, and Alexa Brinkschulte sings backup.

Their new album, Lovers and Leaders is currently on CDBaby's top thirty bestsellers list, and they're doing playing more (major) gigs than you can count on one hand.

Below is the video to "Maybe You Can Save Me (From You). And not to fear, there's no Arabian Nights music that's going to greet you at the punch of the play button.

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