Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Don't pick on the name... how did they know Yeltsin would die so soon? And don't say for one minute that they were trying to snag publicity; they named themselves MONTHS before, um, yesterday. So enjoy the music. They sort of sound a little like Weezer, and a little like Peter Bjorn. But nevermind what I think they sound like... it's what you think that matters! So feel free to comment.

First up is "I Am Warm and Powerful." With a name like this, the song can't be bad.

One word of advice. If your house is on fire, don't call these guys. The song is called "House Fire" for a reason.

OKAY, so it's filmed in their neighborhood AND their home. But we don't care. This one sounds like George Harrison, more or less, so sit back and the view of "Pangea." And say hello to the dino for me. Please.

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