Thursday, April 5, 2007

Piano Songwriter

This is what I'm talking about! A guy by the name of Kevin P. Harloff was smart enough to post the video of a song he wrote on YouTube entitled "When Dreams Run Dry" so that I could pick it up and repost his video for him. It's part Coldplay, part Jim Brickman, with a hint of Savage Garden. He uses keyboard effects to help out with that "spacey" sound in the background, making you feel as though you've just drifted out of the marine wildlife section of the zoo and into the NASA space mission feature.

I checked out his website, too. Apparently he's a self-taught musician, and from what I've heard, self-taught musicians are extremely good at writing their own songs without the influences of teachers, academia books, etc. (Can anybody say Yanni?) Anyway, enjoy.

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