Monday, May 7, 2007

The Official Korben Music Video

Okay, so you saw Korben's "Super Selfish" making-of music video; I now bring you the real thing, along with some factoids about the band from their free and easy indie label, 3D People. This vid caused just a smidge of confusion on YouTube, so I'd better post the official explanation too. But first, here's a little something from 3D People:

"Erin and Chad Gerber began playing music at an early age, Erin singing in local theatre, choirs, and talent shows, while Chad toured with various bands playing guitar. In addition both wrote and played music together and performed for small-scale events in their hometown of Billings, Montana. They decided they needed to pursue their music on a larger level, so Chad and Erin began working on a demo to send out to various contacts throughout the U.S. Due to the positive response they received from the demo, Korben decided to move to Los Angeles in 2003. Upon moving, they began to frequent the major venues on Hollywood's Sunset Strip, along with other popular venues around Los Angeles, and caught the attention of Stone's Throw Recording artist, Aloe Blacc, whom they began working in the studio with on a regular basis. As a result, the duo began to receive attention from Sony Records, Capitol Records, Thrive Records, producers, and entertainment professionals, but none committed to anything worth pursuing. This left Chad and Erin frustrated towards the music industry, but helped them in realizing what creative direction they would take Korben. A direction that didn't involve corporate owned record labels, hired song writers, or producers. Chad and Erin became adamant on maintaining creative control over their career, and the creative process that encompasses being an artist. Eventually Korben signed to the small independent label 3D People Records in Los Angeles, completely under their own terms. They immediately began working in the studio on their debut album "Steady Fools" produced by the band's own Chad Gerber, which would follow up a string of EPs and singles that were currently receiving airplay nationwide, along with airplay in the UK, and South America. Since the release of "Steady Fools" the album has received airplay worldwide, Korben has been featured and interviewed on countless radio stations, online stations, podcasts, made live appearances on web TV, and been guests on the Music Plus TV show "10 Deep". To summarize the signature sound of Korben, one can't help but hear how Erin's glassy vocals float and cut throughout the lyrics, while Chad's rich toned guitars push melodies over driving hooks.
Korben is currently touring the U.S. in support of the Steady Fools album."

And now for that explanation I promised - hey, they wrote it, not me.

"Korben has been programmed by a mysterious computer hacker, to perform a private show in a mysterious location. Watch along the way as they experience intense hallucinations on their pre-programmed journey."

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