Tuesday, May 22, 2007


There's no words to say how much I love foreign indie bands... and plenty of words to convey my displeasure that every single one of their official sites is in any language under the sun except English! So, malheuresment,
I won't be able to bring you too much trivia about Starpilots. But I will tell you what I do know.

Based in Austria, Starpilots has been in existence since 1994, with eight different tape/CD productions to date. Their most recent release, Population, just came out this year. The band itself is comprised of four gents, with Alex Panrok thumping drums, Horst Ruger on guitar, Tom Schauppenlehner on the bass, and Gernot Grassl as lyricist. Apparently, they all sing, and quite well at that. But this is only my opinion. See for yourself, with their newly released video, "Gasping for Air."

And for those of you who speak and understand the German language, here's a promotional interview they broadcast on Viennese television for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

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