Monday, May 21, 2007

Smoosh It Up

I've been watching these two girls for a couple years now as they've gone from their "La Pump" days and matured to their new video, "Find a Way," which debuted last year on the Free to Stay album from Barsuk records. At a mere 13 and 15 years of age, sister team Chloe and Asya (aka Asy) have made their mark on the indie rock world, especially during their performance with Jimmy Eat World. Here's what some digs from their home page and YouTube produced:

From Smoosh News

Smoosh is one of the hottest indie/pop bands in Seattle. Comprised of two sisters, Chloe, 13 and Asya, 15, who are very passionate about their music. Already veterans on the Seattle music scene, they have been playing together for over 5 years and opened for such notable artists as Death Cab For Cutie, Pearl Jam, The Go! Team and Bloc Party.

In 2004 they released their first CD, She Like Electric, on Pattern 25 records. This first effort showed a youth exuberance combined with a songwriting ability well beyond their young ages. Spanning musical style from pop to proto-punk to all-out fun, this is an excellent beginning. In 2006, they released Free To Stay, their sophomore effort, on Barsuk records. This is a much more mature, progressive recording, showing an ever-expanding knack for songwriting.

From YouTube

Here's a glimpse of how the video was made from Mike, Smoosh's dad:
"The director is the same as who did the La Pump video. His name is Ace Norton. As a film maker, you would have loved to see the video shoot. He would have fill ins for where the multiple Asy and Chloe's were to be so it wouldn't look too artificial when the girls were interacting with themselves, and he had a big monitor where you would see like ghost images of Asy and Chloe as they would film on top of a scene where the girls had shot previously. It was really neat to see, and from what I understand it is the same technology whenever in a movie you see something fake, like a dinosaur or explosion or whatever dubbed into a video. And all the shots were done in one building (or on the roof of the building) near Los Angeles. The girls shot the video just before the rehearsal days with Eels for this tour."

The first video bleeds a little bit of Tokyo Police Club, but the piano stairsteps in "Find a Way" really rock.

"La Pump"

"Find a Way"

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